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Snack Foods

Snack Foods There are no products in this category.


  • Popcorn

    A variety of corn, having hard kernels that burst to form white, irregularly shaped puffs when heated. The edible popped kernels of this variety of corn. A small piece, as of polystyrene, used in quantity to protect items during packaging and shipment.

  • Pudding And Gelatin

    Jell-O is sold prepared (ready to eat) or in powder form, and is available in various colors and flavors. The powder contains powdered gelatin and flavorings, including sugar or artificial sweeteners. It is dissolved in hot water, then chilled and allowed to set.

    The second and newer type of pudding consists of sugar, milk, and a thickening agent such as cornstarch, gelatin, eggs, rice or tapioca to create a sweet, creamy dessert.

  • Fruit Snacks

    fruit snack is a processed food eaten as a snack and are very similar to gummy candies. The main content is sugar, especially sugar derived from concentrated white grape juice and apple juice. Some fruit snacks have more sugar than gummy candies, and they usually have less protein.