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gtPlaza is the #1 online shopping community in Guyana. We connect buyers and sellers, and have the largest online supermarket.

Our founder believe that the internet can break economic barriers and change the way business is done. Therefore, we want to bring e-commerce, to empower local entrepreneurs by helping them take their business online and to make shopping easy and accessible to everyone.

The retail market has evolved out of recognition over the last 60 years, from small, local retailers to sprawling, out-of-town hypermarkets. Each “channel shift” in the market has taken over 50% of customers to the new, dominant format – and it’s happening again now.

The relentless growth of online shopping is powered by improved technology, faster broadband and better mobile devices – and a significant increase in uptake of all three. By bring together sellers and buyers, we make it convenient for the buyer to find what they are looking and the sellers to have access to the online customers.

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Located in Central Business District of Georgetown.


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