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Faqs By Delivery

How much does it cost to deliver?

<p>1, Price range is in effect to the place area and towns.</p> <p>2, T<span>his added amount is on top of your order. </span></p>

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Where do you deliver?

<p>1, At the moment, around Georgetown is available and through the dedication to our customers, the expansion will reach throughout the Guyanese nation.</p>

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Do I need to be home to receive the delivery?

<p>1, We strongly recommend that you are home to receive your order and if you are not home, our representatives will call you to tell your goods are at the place given and either you come to uplift or will be left off for a later date.</p> <p><span></span></p> <p>2, Also we need your signature upon receiving your package.</p>

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Who must I expect to bring my package?

<p>1, Our team members wearing the official work attire, has the company vehicle and has a valid company card with the necessary information about him/her.</p> <p>2, If you have doubt about any validity, &gt;<a href="https://gtplaza.com/contact-us">contact us</a>&lt; or use the live chat feature on gtplaza.com to confirm your delivery order and it is one of our representatives.</p>

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Are you able to give a specific time of delivery?

<p>1, Our carriers will be hard at work to get the package to your door quickly as possible.</p> <p>2, No time will be given but it is within that 24 hours window.</p>

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